Public Vs Christian

Public vs Christian

Many people talk about the dollar cost of Christian Education. It is true that sending a child to a Christian School costs more money than free public school. But consider the other costs! How much is it worth to send you child to a school that has a safe, loving environment?
Here we have listed some of the benefits of a Christian Education at AUS.

  • Children learn about a God who loves them and smiles with them.
  • No drugs on campus.
  • No gangs on campus.
  • No weapons on campus.
  • Quality education – students who are with us for all 8 years, regularly score in the 90th percentile on the ITBS test.
  • Caring, quality teachers.
  • Low student to teacher ratio.
  • Large playground.
  • Fenced campus.
  • We are credentialed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and all grades are fully transferable to state schools.
  • Hot lunch programs that allows the student to buy their lunch on a daily basis.
  • FREE before school day care.
  • Quality day care available after school hours.


Student-Parent Handbook

To learn more about us, what we believe and how we operate download our Student-Parent Handbook